"My faith is a quiet, strong backbone in my life" – Bear Grylls, in an interview about his Christian faith.

There are always opportunities to incorporate Christian spirituality into a Wildside experience. The Wildside team are skilled at doing so in a way that is natural, spontaneous, relevant, appropriate and never forced.  An awareness of God in nature can deepen a sense of awe and wonder, as well as reducing anxiety.

Openings to discuss faith and Christian belief occur naturally. For example, when looking at the awesome starscape on a clear night, when sitting immersed in nature or when studying the detail on a leaf. The Wildside staff believe that this natural beauty reveals a creator God.


Buff-tip moth Phalera bucephala

It was brilliant. Super camp, team, activities and atmosphere. It was wonderful to watch the children spend time in nature and I loved the Christian influence.
— Nicole Rayner, Year 4 class teacher, Pinhoe Primary School