Tell us your topic or theme, and we will plan your day!

Day visits can be tailored to suit your curriculum topic or theme. We can sometimes offer a theme day as a free visit.

Here are a few suggestions, for which we have run days for school groups:

  • habitats
  • outdoor adventurous activities / teambuilding
  • rainforest
  • stone age
  • explorers
  • owls

We would encourage you to bring groups out to us, or we can come into your school. Richard and James both have experience of tropical rainforest, and they've prepared a presentation to bring into schools (1.5 - 2 hours).

Please contact us with your topic or request and see what creative ideas we come up with!

I really enjoyed today. Best school trip ever!
— Year 3 pupil at Rockbeare Primary School after a rainforest day